Sick Leave Sample Letters

These letters are for supervisors to send to ill or injured employees at various stages of their absence or return to work.

Letters may need to be modified to better suit an employee’s unique situation. If you need help with return to work planning, contact AskMyHRRestricted Access to connect with a Disability Case Specialist.

Letter 1: Request for Doctor's Certificate

Use this letter to request a Doctor’s Certificate Form (ST02) in situations where you as manager/supervisor have determined that one is required.

Letter 2: Part-time Gradual STIIP Trial

This letter is typically used when an employee returns to work in a gradual Short Term Illness and Injury (STIIP) trial with or without modifications to duties.

Letter 3: Full-time STIIP Trial

This letter is typically used when an employee returns to work in a full-time STIIP trial with modified duties (for part-time employees, this letter applies when employees are on a trial working the same number of hours as scheduled prior to illness/injury).

Letter 4: STIIP Trial Conclusion

This letter may be used to conclude a STIIP trial or if an employee is simply returning to work from STIIP (such as no trial required).

Letter 5: Trial Discontinuation

This letter is typically used to discontinue a trial.

Letter 6: Converting STIIP Trial to LTD Rehabilitative Employment Trial

This letter is used when an existing trial extends beyond the end of the STIIP period into the long term disability (LTD) period. This letter is used after the employee has received the initial STIIP trial letter (such as Letter 2 or 3).

Letter 7: LTD Rehabilitative Trial to LTD Pending or Accepted

This letter is typically used when an employee’s STIIP period has lapsed and they return to work during the LTD period in a rehabilitative trial in their own or alternate occupation. The LTD claim decision may, or may not yet, be known (either pending adjudication, or already accepted).

Letter 8: Trial Starting in STIIP & Lapsing into LTD Period

This letter is typically used where an employee returns to work on a trial basis in the STIIP period with the knowledge that the trial is expected to extend into the LTD period. This is the initial letter sent to the employee to outline the conditions of both STIIP and LTD trial periods. This letter covers cases where the LTD benefits are already accepted and where the decision is pending.

Letter 9: STIIP or Rehabilitative Employment Trial Extension

This letter may be used to extend an employee’s STIIP or LTD rehabilitative employment trial.

Letter 10: Application for LTD

This letter is used to provide employees with general information regarding benefits and the administrative process involved in making an application for LTD plan benefits. It's typically sent out to the employee during the third month of STIIP.

Letter 11: Successive Disabilities

This letter is used when an employee is cleared to return to work on a full-time basis beyond the end of the six-month STIIP period or from LTD.

Letter 12: Application to Rehabilitation Committee

Every effort should be made to have the Application to the Rehabilitation Committee Form (BCPSA 7 Form) (PDF, 405KB) completed by the employee jointly with their manager/supervisor. Where this isn't possible, mail the sample letter (Letter 12) and the form to the employee.

Letter 19: Placement into Part-time or Lower Paying Jobs

This letter is used when an employee is being offered a part-time or lower paying job and advises them of the subsequent impacts to their future benefits.