Limited Entry Hunting (LEH)

Wildfire Notice: Due to severe wildfire activity, please be advised that vehicle and access restrictions are in place in portions of the province to prevent human-caused wildfires and protect human safety. While planning your angling, hunting, or trapping expedition please visit fire bans and restrictions for the most up to date information.

The Special Mountain Sheep Resident Draw for a 2018 Hunt has been run.

The 2017 Fall Limited Entry Hunting Draw has been run. 

2017 Fall Limited Entry Hunting Special Instructions:

If your Limited Entry Hunting application was successful, make sure you read the special instructions applicable to your authorization:

The Province’s Limited Entry Hunting (LEH) system is now online. To apply for a draw, review the status of your application, or find draw results, sign in to the BC Hunting online service.  You can also apply for LEH at any Service BC, FrontCounter BC or participating vendor location.

Limited Entry Hunting provides hunting opportunities created through a random draw. Participation in the draw is available to any resident of B.C. with a valid FWID and resident hunting credentials.

Limited Entry Hunting helps the Province achieve wildlife management objectives without resorting to such measures as shortening seasons or completely closing areas. LEH is only introduced where it has become necessary to limit the number of hunters, of animals that may be taken, or the harvest of a certain species or sub-species.

LEH draws are random. The previous year's odds are published beside each hunt to give an indication of the likelihood of a successful application, but this is not a guarantee of success.

Successful applicants have their chances reduced in subsequent draws in order to improve the chances of those who have been unsuccessful.

For further details about LEH in British Columbia: