Limited Entry Hunting (LEH)

The 2019 Spring Limited Entry Hunting Draw has now been run.

Sign in to the BC Hunting online service to check your results.  In your profile, select LEH Applications from the left side menu to see the status of your application.  If you were successful, your authorization will be visible under LEH Authorizations from the left side menu.  Alternatively, you can check your results by visiting a Service BC or FrontCounter BC office, or at a participating vendor.  Please see the 2018-2019 Limited Entry Hunting Regulations Synopsis for more information.

The Special Mountain Sheep Resident Draw for 2019 hunt has been run. 

Please refer to the 2018/19 Limited Entry Hunting Synopsis for more information about the Special Mountain Sheep Resident Draw. 

The 2018 Fall Limited Entry Hunting draw has been run. 

To review the results of your application, sign in to BC Hunting online service.  

Attention 2018 LEH Winners

If you were successful for one or more of the following hunts, you must be familiar with the applicable information package before you go hunting.

Bison hunts - Information Package

Elk hunts in Zone A of Management Unit 8-04 - Information Package

Moose hunts in Zone A and B of Management Unit 5-04 - Information Package

Moose hunts in Management Unit 5-05 - Information Package

Moose hunts in Management Unit 7-29, 7-37, 7-38, 7-39, 7-40 and 7-41 - Information Package

Mountain Goat hunts in Zone B of Management Unit 4-16 - Information Package

Mountain Goat hunts in Zone A of Management Unit 5-04 - Information Package

Mountain Goat hunts in Zone B of Management Unit 5-04 - Information Package

Mountain Goat hunts in Zones E, F, H and J of Management Unit 5-04 - Information Package

Mule Deer hunts in management unit 5-04 and 5-05 - Information Package

Sheep hunts in Region 8 - Information Package

ImportantFor shared hunts only, hunters are required to carry a paper Record of Harvest form while hunting.  The Record of Harvest form is on the bottom part of the shared limited entry hunting authorization.  Your shared limited entry hunting authorization is available online in your Fish and Wildlife profile.  You can request a copy of your limited entry hunting authorization, which contains your Record of Harvest form, at a Service BC or FrontCounter BC Office.

All hunters 16 years of age and older are required to carry government picture ID, know their FWID and carry all of their species licences purchased for the current licence year, ​including both cancelled and uncancelled species licences, while hunting. .

About Limited Entry Hunting 

There are two types of hunting seasons available to licensed hunters in British Columbia: general open seasons (GOS) and limited entry hunting (LEH). General open seasons are open to all licensed hunters, and harvest is managed through season length, restrictions on class of animal and bag limits.

Limited entry hunting gives wildlife managers the ability to more closely control the number of hunters that can hunt a species, or class of species, in a specific area and during a specific time, and is generally in place when additional control, beyond what is feasible through a GOS, is required. The province has substantial hunting opportunities through both GOS and LEH, and the use of each system provides a balance of hunting opportunities in the best interest of the public and the resource. 

LEH draws are random. The previous year's odds are published beside each hunt to give an indication of the likelihood of a successful application, but this is not a guarantee of success.

Successful applicants have their chances reduced in subsequent draws in order to improve the chances of those who have been unsuccessful.

For further details about LEH in British Columbia:

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