Information for successful Limited Entry Hunting applicants

This page contains information for successful applicants who have received an Limited Entry Hunting (LEH) authorization. To see the status of your application, log into WILD or contact FrontCounter BC.

Important messages

What does an LEH authorization allow me to do?

An LEH authorization permits a person to hunt a specific species, or a specific class of species (i.e. antlerless) in a specific area during a specific time. This authorization does not exempt a holder of an LEH authorization from any other law related to hunting. For example, a holder of an LEH authorization must comply with all regulations related to areas where motor vehicles are prohibited or restricted, areas where firearms are prohibited or restricted, bag limits, compulsory inspection, licensing, etc. It is the responsibility of an individual to be informed of the current hunting regulations. Information on these regulations can be found in the Hunting and Trapping Regulations Synopsis.

Specific Hunt Area/Zone Notices

Hunters are reminded of the existing Motor Vehicle Closed Areas designed to accommodate the effects of significant wildfires in Regions 3, 4, and 8. Several of the original closures have been either modified or rescinded as a result of wildfire recovery. More information can be found at Motor Vehicle Prohibitions.

Below are important messages for ONLY THOSE who have won an 2023 fall LEH authorization. Clicking on a link below does not mean you have won an LEH authorization, and is not authorizing you to hunt in these areas. Hunters must sign in to WILD or contact FrontCounter BC to check their results.

Species Zone/Area Hunt Code(s) Important Notices
Bison All bison hunts 0001 to 0015 Bison all hunts (PDF, 237KB)
Elk All antlerless elk on Vancouver Island 2001 to 2031 Elk on Vancouver Island, antlerless PDF, 557KB)
Elk 7-12, 7-13, 7-14, or 7-25 2182 to 2190, 2200 to 2202 Elk in LEH hunt areas 712, 713, 714, 725 (PDF, 72KB)
Elk 7-20, 7-21, 7-35, 7-45, or 7-46 2203, 2204, 2208, 2210, 2211 Elk in LEH hunt areas 720, 721, 735, 745, 746 (PDF, 956KB)
Elk 8-04 Zone A 2214, 2215 Elk in LEH hunt area 804 Zone A (PDF, 89KB)
Moose 5-04 Zone A 4160 to 4162 Moose in LEH hunt area 504 Zone A (PDF, 596KB)
Moose 5-04 Zone B, 5-05 4163 to 4168 Moose in LEH hunt areas 505, 504 Zone B (PDF, 596KB)
Mountain Goat 4-16 Zone B 5030 Mountain Goat in LEH hunt area 416 Zone B (PDF, 477KB)
Mountain Goat 5-04 Zones B, E and H 5091, 5092, 5094 Mountain goat in LEH hunt areas 504 Zones B, E and H (PDF, 557KB)
Mountain Goat 5-04 Zones F and J 5093, 5095 Mountain goat in LEH hunt areas 504 Zones F and J (PDF, 458KB)
Mule Deer 5-04 and 5-05 7043, 7044 Mule Deer in LEH hunt areas 504 and 505 (PDF, 558KB)
Mule Deer 7-20, 7-21, 7-35, 7-45, or 7-46 7071, 7072, 7076, 7077, 7078 Mule Deer in LEH hunt areas 720, 721, 735, 745, 746, antlerless (PDF, 1.2MB)