Guiding Territory Certificate

Last updated on September 6, 2023

The province of B.C. is divided into guiding territories; land areas making up the total guiding area described on a guiding territory certificate.

The geographical area for each guiding territory is described on a Guiding Territory Certificate (GTC). Issuance of a GTC grants the holder exclusive control over guiding privileges in the area described on the certificate, for the period stated on the certificate.


Guiding territory certificates can be issued to individuals or corporations. When providing commercial guided activities in a park, conservancy or protected area, a park use permit is required. Further details on eligibility and application requirements for park use permits can be found on the Commercial Recreation Park Use Permit page.


  • the applicant(s) must be 19 years of age
  • must provide a complete B.C. mailing address

The issuance of a GTC to more than one person creates a tenancy in common in the rights granted by the certificate. If a GTC is issued to more than one person, the certificate must identify a person as the agent of the holders of the certificate and specify the interest held in the certificate by each holder of the certificate.


  • all voting shareholders must be listed along with the percentage of voting shares in the corporation
  • the corporation must have a complete B.C. Mailing address for the purposes of receiving notices of decisions made under the Wildlife Act

Application process

Application types



GTCs have a fixed length or ‘period’ and must be renewed prior to the period end date.  A GTC can be renewed if more than 3/5 of the period of the GTC has elapsed. The holder(s) listed on the GTC, and their interest (%) cannot be changed with a renewal.  A new certificate will be issued upon approval of a renewal application. There is no fee for a GTC renewal application. An application to renew a GTC should be submitted by the holder(s) or agent well in advance of the GTC’s expiry date to allow for administrative processing time and, where applicable, for consultation to be complete.


Transfer of interest

This application type is used when there is a change in the holder(s) on the GTC or a change in the holder’s interest in the GTC. The GTC can be transferred to all new holders, or the transfer can be a change to the make-up of existing holders and their interest in the certificate.  A new certificate will be issued once the transfer process is complete. The transfer application fee is $500.

The applicable form below should be completed by the holder(s) when transferring their GTC:


Spatial transfer

The transfer of a spatial portion of a GTC includes a change to the boundaries, of the guiding area described in the GTC.  This could occur when a portion of guiding territory described on a GTC is sold to another person and is transferred to a new GTC, or amalgamated with an existing GTC. Depending on the scenario, single or multiple new certificates could be issued. The spatial transfer application fee is $500.


Notice of change of control of a corporation

This application type is used when there is a change in to the control of a corporation that holds an interest in a GTC. The application must be submitted no later than 30 days past the change in control. The application fee is $500.


GTC Application (New)

This application is used any time a new guiding territory is created and as part of a spatial transfer (a new guiding territory is created by combining or separating existing guiding territories). In this case, the individual (agent/holder) receiving a portion of land as a result of a territory split would submit this application. There is no fee for this GTC application. If you are unsure if this application applies to you, please contact your regional FrontCounter BC office.

Please note: There are no vacant GTCs at this time and no new GTCs are being created unless they are a result of a spatial transfer of an existing GTC.



If you need to have an update made to a GTC that does not involve a change of interest, territory or term (e.g. a spelling mistake, name change, the agent listed on the GTC has been changed) contact the FrontCounter BC office responsible for the primary region of the guiding territory.

Where to apply

GTC applications, including renewals, transfers and notice of change to control of a corporation can be completed through WILD or at any FrontCounter BC office. Amendments to existing applications or certificates need to be made through FrontCounter BC. For step-by-step instructions on submitting a guiding territory certificate application, please refer to the Quick Reference Guides.

The decision to approve a GTC rests with the regional manager and we advise that individuals speak with a regional Fish and Wildlife staff member prior to initiating any application. Please contact your regional FrontCounter BC office to direct you to the appropriate staff.

Completion timelines

There are many factors that can affect the length of time it takes to complete a GTC renewal or transfer application. Holders are encouraged to start the process as soon as possible, but no sooner than 3/5ths or 60% of the way through the GTC period (e.g. the holder of a 10-year term GTC can start the renewal process after 6 years).

Guiding Territory Certificate advisory

It is the GTC holder’s responsibility to be aware of all applicable laws and limits that apply to the certificate. Guiding Territory Certificates are governed under the Wildlife Act.

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