Modernizing B.C.'s forest sector

The Province of British Columbia is taking action to modernize the forest sector to meet with today’s current challenges and the opportunities in front of us. Modernization starts with setting intentions to change forest policy. Our work is based on what we have heard from you. We started by listening to understand the issues and dynamics, as we recognize we are not starting from scratch. B.C.’s forest sector has a long and complex history and our intentions to modernize policies that guide the sector and forest management will be approached with thoughtfulness and consideration to both our past but moreover our future.

What's next

B.C. aims to advance a series of policy changes based on the engagement and consultation that has occurred since 2017 with Indigenous Nations and stakeholders. These past engagements have addressed the Forest and Range Practices Act Improvement Initiative, the Old Growth Strategic Review, Interior Forest Sector Renewal and Coast Forest Sector Revitalization.

The Province will engage and consult with Indigenous peoples and engage with local governments, the forest industry, labour and other interest groups over the next many months. Modernizing forest policy will include a coordinated approach to the many forestry-related changes government is advancing.

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