Taking action in B.C.'s forest sector

Last updated on April 16, 2024

Sustainability through collaboration

Forests continue to contribute to our quality of life and the opportunities we share. That's why Government and people across the province are taking action to improve planning, preparation, response and recovery in the face of wildfires, drought and other pressures impacting forest health and supply of timber.

We are taking tapping into the knowledge and expertise of forest and ecosystem experts, First Nations, forest communities and others to collaboratively protect forests health across the province and preserve the value that only forests can provide.

Forest Landscape Plans

Made-in-B.C. wood products

Forestry continues to provide good jobs as well as the resources required to build schools, hospitals, homes and develop future economic opportunities. As a renewable natural resource, it is uniquely positioned to support the transition to a clean, diversified and strong economy.

The Province is taking action to get more value from every tree by expanding B.C.-made engineered wood products such as mass timber among others, leveraging industry investment to retool operations, and establishing value-added accelerator tables to sustain this transition.

BC Manufacturing Jobs Fund

Value-Added Accelerators

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B.C.’s goal is to achieve sustainable management of British Columbia's forests. This means continuously refining stewardship by improving policies, legislation and practices.

Forest and Range Practices Act

B.C.’s goal is to achieve sustainable management of British Columbia's forests. This means continuously refining stewardship by improving policies, legislation and practices.

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Integrated resource monitoring

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Wood First Initiative

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Mass Timber demonstration projects

Advancements in wood products and construction are helping build more resilient, climate-smart communities and B.C. has a unique opportunity to be a leader in mass timber.


The bioeconomy is helping reduce petrochemical-based products in the economy.  Wood fibre has the potential to be a building block for many goods in the future.

Forestry Innovation Investment

On behalf of the province of B.C., Forestry Innovation Investment helps create, maintain and diversify markets for BC’s world-class, environmentally friendly forest products, ensuring the forest sector continues to be a key contributor to the province’s economy.

Land use planning in B.C.

94% of British Columbia is provincial public land. Learn more about how land use planning is setting strategic direction for sustainable resource stewardship and management of land and waters.

Integrated land base investment

The B.C. government and its funding program partners are collectively investing over $100 million per year to manage and protect B.C.’s public forests and land base.