Competitive Forest Industry

The Province of British Columbia is taking action to maintain the forest sector’s position as a driving force in B.C.’s economy, especially in rural communities. The forest sector is a critical economic generator for B.C. It supports healthy, stable communities, and provides jobs for tens of thousands of British Columbians.

Strong Past Bright Future: Competitiveness Agenda (PDF, 4MB) (print version below) was released August 31, 2016 to identify sector competitiveness challenges and show how government is enhancing competitiveness. It identifies how we are working with stakeholders to maximize the value of B.C.’s forest resources and tap into innovative solutions to maintain and strengthen B.C.’s forest sector, positioning us for the future.  

Significant efforts have been taken to improve the outlook for the forest sector, invest in B.C.’s forest resources and create additional tools to facilitate community stability and First Nations partnerships. These actions support healthy resilient forests that provide quality raw materials for a diverse, globally competitive industry that supports stable communities and First Nations partners.

As part of the focus on competitiveness key actions in support of the pulp and paper, value added and residual and forest fibre sectors were also initiated: