Integrated Resource Monitoring

Government is committed to sustainable management of B.C.'s natural resource values. In order to effectively monitor resource values, information on their condition over time must be collected and analyzed.

To make good management decisions, it’s important to have information on all the values in a given area before decisions are made.

Integrated, science-based resource monitoring provides government decision-makers with the tools required to make informed decisions.

Forest & Range Evaluation Program

The Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA) and its Regulations provide for a forest and range management framework in British Columbia that includes professional reliance as a fundamental principle.

Using a results-based approach, the Forest & Range Evaluation Program (FREP) evaluates the effectiveness of forest and range practices in achieving management objectives, including sustainable resource management.

The data collected by FREP informs resource managers and provides a foundation of evidence to enable continuous improvement in resource stewardship practices.

The scientific processes used in FREP result in trusted and high-quality data. This information is important in helping local resource managers and decision-makers evaluate the ongoing balance between ecological, social and economic factors.

Natural Resource Sector Multiple Resource Value Assessments

Government is a single land manager for its Crown land base. To support decision-makers under this approach, relevant monitoring information must be presented in a usable format. This has resulted in Natural Resource Sector Multiple Value Resource Assessments (NRS-MVRA), which provide resource professionals and decision-makers with information about the balance of environmental, social and economic objectives so that they can assess consistency of outcomes with expectations.

Reports from NRS-MVRA consolidate monitoring information from the provincial natural resource sector, such as:

  • FREP data
  • Fish passage assessment data
  • Wildlife population data
  • Fish sensitive watershed data

NRS-MVRA reports are complementary to the Cumulative Effects Framework Assessment & Management reports.