BC Timber Sales

BC Timber Sales (BCTS) manages
 20 per cent of the Crown timber harvest, generating revenue for British Columbians through the safe, sustainable development and auction of Crown timber. BCTS is a stand-alone program within the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development.

Data from BCTS’ competitive timber auctions are used to help determine the market value of timber harvested from public land. The land management and associated harvested timber generates approximately $2.5 billion in sales of timber products per year for the provincial economy.

BCTS operates in 12 business areas and 33 communities across B.C. In addition to auctioning timber sales licences, BCTS conducts forest planning and stewardship activities, builds and maintains logging roads and reforests harvested areas. 

By providing a reliable supply 
of timber through competitive auctions and making timber available to loggers, wood processors and other forestry businesses, BCTS supports jobs and rural communities across B.C.


Worker safety is critical and BCTS takes a preventative approach to workplace accidents and injuries. As a member of the B.C. Forest Safety Council, BCTS endorses a culture of safety and is committed to the safety of all people affected by its operations.

Environmental Stewardship

BCTS is committed to sound forest management and stewardship of the environment. BCTS spends over $40 million on silviculture activities and plants more than 40 million seedlings each year.

Forest Stewardship Plans

A forest stewardship plan must be prepared by all forest agreement holders under the Forest Act. Forest stewardship plans are publicly available for review and comment. BCTS advertises when the plan is available and allows at least 60 days for comments to be received. Most BCTS business areas have their own forest stewardship plans.

Seedling Services

BCTS manages the seed inventory and the production, storage and distribution of seedlings for the reforestation of Crown lands administered by BCTS. BCTS also supplies seedlings to the Forest Carbon/Forest Enhancement Society and B.C. government restoration programs such as Forests for Tomorrow.

This year BCTS will manage the growth and delivery of over 82 million seedlings. By providing quality seedlings to meet its reforestation obligations, BCTS supports sustainable forest management principles, goals and objectives.


BCTS forestry workers have the opportunity to positively impact B.C.’s economy and communities. Choose one of these entry-level training programs for a rewarding career in B.C.'s forest industry.

Guidance & Resources

Strong relationships with clients, communities and forest industry members are essential to delivering BCTS services. Learn about BCTS business and performance goals, policy and legislation and how BCTS is working to continuously improve and strengthen relationships with industry and contractors through the Timber Sales Advisory Council and the BCTS Contractor Advisory Committee.