Forest & Range Practices Act (FRPA)

The Forest & Range Practices Act (FRPA) outlines how all forest and range practices and resource-based activities are to be conducted on Crown land in B.C., while ensuring protection of everything in and on them, such as plants, animals and ecosystems.

All forest and range licensees' activities are governed by FRPA and its regulations during all stages of planning, road building, logging, reforestation and/or grazing.

FRPA standards and requirements ensure high levels of protection for resource values while streamlining planning processes for both government and industry.


Regulations that support FRPA:

Under FRPA, the Government Actions Regulation (GAR) provides direction for establishment of land designations and features that require special management for the stewardship of forest values. GAR regulates how government establishes the measures or objectives that pertain to the designated land areas.

Land Use Planning & Stewardship

The purpose of land use planning is to develop land use direction for public land and to guide provincial management decisions that meet economic, environmental, social and cultural objectives.​

B.C. is a world leader in sustainable forest management with leading-edge environmental practices. 

Advisory Bodies

B.C. Forest Practices Board

The B.C. Forest Practices Board reports to the public and government about compliance with FRPA and the achievement of its intent. The Forest Practices Board provides recommendations for continuing improvements in forest and range practices.

The Forest & Range Practices Advisory Council (PAC)

The Forest & Range Practices Advisory Council provides advice to improve B.C. government's administration and management of forest and range resources. The advisory council periodically reviews and evaluates the requirements of FRPA and provides recommendations.


Forest and range management in B.C. changed from a prescriptive regime under the Forest Practices Code to a results-based regime under FRPA. The transition period involved substantial change, requiring training for government and industry professionals.

The implementation of FRPA continues to evolve and so do the training needs of forest, range and woodlot practitioners. Contact us for training support materials:

Fort St. John Pilot Project

The Fort St. John Pilot Project is an exploratory approach to forest management, specifically for the Fort St. John Timber Supply Area, enabled by a special regulation under FRPA. Under this project all of the major forest licensees in the area have come together to create a consolidated management plan that is unique in the province.