Coast Forest Sector Revitalization

British Columbia’s forest sector is an integral part of the provincial economy and contributes significant revenues that support the delivery of services to all British Columbians. Over the past 20 years, a variety of factors (e.g. market conditions, trade relationships, changing technology and business practices) have led to changes in the coastal forest sector that need to be addressed. 

The Coast Forest Sector Revitalization Initiative aims to create and support good jobs on the coast, increase the processing of B.C. logs within the province, and reduce residual waste fibre left in the woods by redirecting it to B.C.’s pulp and paper mills. 

booklet coverCoast Forest Sector Revitalization Initiative Booklet

A Coast Forest Sector Revitalization Information Booklet entitled Rebuilding B.C.’s Coast Forest Sector: Keeping the Wealth in B.C. was developed by the Ministry of Forests to provide more information about this important initiative.

The Coast Forest Sector Revitalization Initiative has five main goals that will be achieved through a series of legislative, regulatory and policy changes that will be implemented throughout 2019-20:

  1. Rebuilding solid wood and secondary industries to ensure more of B.C. logs and fibre are processed in B.C.
  2. Improving harvest performance to ensure more fibre is available for domestic mills, including the pulp and paper sector.
  3. Maintaining a credible auction system by continuing to ensure that competitive forces prevail.
  4. Fostering stronger business-to-business relationships between BC Timber Sales, major licensees and First Nations.
  5. Restoring public confidence through amendments to the Forest and Range Practices Act and auditing the private managed forest land regime.