Youth Development - Agriculture

The Youth Development program works in conjunction with 4-H British Columbia to deliver agriculture education and training to young British Columbians, ages 6-25.

The 4-H program has over 2,300 youth members and over 600 volunteer leaders across the province who participate in hands-on education, leadership and career training opportunities. The Youth Development program also partners with other organizations on special projects focused on agriculture education.


Our Youth Development staff guides future leaders in the agriculture industry by providing expertise and training in organizational management, agriculture and community leadership education.

Agriculture skills and knowledge education includes:

  • Agriculture awareness
  • Rural urban connections, with respect to agriculture land and products
  • Career education
  • Farm safety
  • Food safety and quality
  • Environmental stewardship, animal husbandry and animal welfare


These programs build rural community leaders through leadership training, including:

  • Communications
  • Leadership initiatives
  • Community citizenship
  • Personal development

Career Training

Providing youth with the opportunity to learn about and experience on-farm production agriculture, they develop resources and programing knowledge in jobs that are closely connected to the agriculture sector.  Career programing is delivered in partnership with 4-H BC. Career resources for classroom use are delivered in partnership with the BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation through the Fields for Your Future initiative.  

Youth programs help develop agriculture skills and knowledge through educationYouth programs provide hands on agriculture learning experiences