Managing Your MSP Account

Last updated on January 3, 2024

It is important to keep your Medical Services Plan (MSP) account up-to-date, as some changes may affect your coverage.

Learn what to do if you are:

MSP Account Change Request

MSP account changes may now be requested online to Health Insurance BC (HIBC). The MSP Account Change Request form allows MSP Account Holders to request changes and submit supporting documentation to:

  • Update your address in B.C.;
  • Update/Correct Personal Information for the Account Holder or other Individuals on your Account (Name, Date of Birth, or Gender);
  • Add and/or remove a spouse (including Common-law) or child(ren); and
  • Update/Confirm status in Canada.

The online form takes about 15 minutes to complete. No login or password is required: the Account Holder’s Personal Health Number (PHN) will be used to verify your account. 

Before you start, make sure that you have documentation to support the requested change. To see supporting documentation that may be required, please go to MSP Account Change FAQs.

Please do not use this application if:
  • Your MSP coverage is managed through a provincial ministry or agency (such as the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction); contact your support agent. ​​
  • You are covered under a First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) account; contact FNHA.

If you are covered under a group plan administered by your employer, union or pension office, please do not use this application. Contact your group plan administrator to complete a Group Change Request (PDF, 568KB).

This online application currently supports male (M) and female (F) gender designations. To make a submission with a non-binary gender (X) designation, please contact Health Insurance BC.

Once the form has been submitted, a reference number will be displayed. Please allow 21 days for account change requests to be reviewed and processed. If your request is successful and no additional information is required, your account will be updated. You will receive a letter from HIBC if additional information is required.

Please use the latest version of Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox.

The data you enter will remain locally on the computer or device you are using until you close your browser window. If you close the window you are working in, all data will be lost. To complete this form, you must click the “Submit” button at the end of the process.

If you use a screen reader or assistive device, please apply using a paper MSP Account Change form (PDF, 570KB).

Before you start, please review the MSP Account Change Request FAQ.

Request MSP Account Change

MSP Account Change Request FAQ

If you have questions about supporting documentation or other questions about the MSP Account Change Request online form, please visit MSP Account Change FAQs.

MSP Premiums ended as of Jan. 1, 2020

MSP premiums were eliminated as of January 1, 2020. Go to MSP Premium Elimination to learn more.