Changing Jobs

A company may administer Medical Services Plan (MSP) coverage on behalf of their employees. When you begin or end working for a company that offers this benefit, there are a few things that you need to do to ensure there are no interruptions in MSP coverage for you and your dependents. Every company that administers MSP on behalf of it’s employees has a Group Plan Administrator who is responsible for informing Health Insurance BC (HIBC) of account changes. Talk to the Group Plan Administrator at your company for assistance.

Starting a Job with Group Plan Administration of MSP

When you start a new job that includes MSP group coverage, your company’s Group Plan Administrator will provide you with an Application for Group Enrolment. You must complete this application and return it to your Group Plan Administrator. They will submit it to HIBC on your behalf. HIBC will cancel your previous account when you and your dependents are added to the new group plan.

Leaving a Job with Group Plan Administration of MSP

If your company has provided MSP group coverage for you and your dependents and you stop working for that company, you will no longer be eligible to remain on a group plan. A new self-administered account will be set up automatically when your group account is cancelled.