Personal Health Identification

Each B.C. resident enrolled with the Medical Services Plan (MSP) is given a unique lifetime identifier for health care called a Personal Health Number (PHN). Your PHN remains the same, regardless of any changes to personal status, and can be found on your BC Services Card. You should carry your card at all times, to have it available to be presented whenever you need health care services.

Protection Against Fraud

Under the Medicare Protection Act, it is an offence to use another person's Personal Health Number (PHN) or to knowingly allow your PHN to be used by another person. In order to maintain B.C.'s health care plans for the benefit of all residents, the plans must be protected against inappropriate use by those who are not residents of B.C. and, therefore, are not eligible for coverage.

The Ministry of Health is concerned about BC Services Card and CareCard misuse. The Ministry’s Eligibility, Compliance and Enforcement Unit conducts investigations into matters involving the possible abuse of MSP. Any person who has details regarding possible misuse of a BC Services Card or CareCard is urged to contact Health Insurance BC with pertinent information.