Settings Tab

The Settings tab is the first of the Content tabs to be displayed when a page is created, cloned or opened.  

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Topic settings tab

Title:  This mandatory field is displayed as the title of the page.  Maximum 256 characters.  Make your page title meaningful as the page title forms part of the metadata which in turn is used by search engines.

Navigation Title:  This mandatory field is displayed in the left navigation of the web browser.  May be the same as Title, or a short descriptor, but should contain at least one of the same words as the Title.  The navigation title is does not form part of the metadata.   Maximum 256 characters.

Page Path: This mandatory field forms the human readable URL (HRU) which is displayed in a web browser.  When a new page is created, or an existing page is cloned, the Nav Title will default to "new-page-x" or "existing-page-title-clone-x", where x is a unique integer that will automatically increment by one. Once you have updated the Nav Title field, copy the Nav Title value into the Page Path field. When the [Save] action is invoked system validation will ensure the value is unique and usable in the URL’s browser location bar.  Only alpha-characters, numbers and dashes  (a-z, 0-9, -) are valid characters.  All others (e.g.: à, ç,  &, ., _, ) will be replaced with a - (dash) and all capital alpha-characters will be replaced with lowercase.  The Page Path may be edited to shorten the HRU, for example:

    to read

Page Type:  Template used to create the content.

ID:  This unique identifier (GUID) is automatically generated when a page is created or cloned and is tied to the Page Path.  If the page path is updated or the page is moved, links will not be broken.  

Modified Date:  Most recent date that a page has been modified by the [Save] action.

Modified By:  IDIR account of the last person to modify the page.  This may also be the last person to publish the page.

Page Language
drop-down list of alternative languages
Only hard-coded labels found within the body of content (including the right column) will change to the language selected. The labels and links found in the header and footer area are NOT translated.

Created Date:  Date and time that the page was initially created .

Created By:  Displays the IDIR account of the user that originally created the page.

Page Status:  indicates if the status of the page

  • Not Published - never been published to the Production web server.  Page may only be viewed on the Quality Assurance (QA) web server
  • Published - has been published to the Production web server at least once
  • Unpublished - has been published to the Production web server at least once and has subsequently been unpublished

Published Date:  Last date and time the page was published to the Production web server.

Published By:  IDIR account of the last person to publish the page to the Production web server.  This may also be the same person that created the page.

Locked Date1:  Most recent date that the page was locked, either by invoking the [Lock] action or the [Save] action.  The field is cleared when the [Unlock] action is invoked.

Locked By1:  IDIR account of the current person to lock the page, by invoking the [Lock] action or the [Save] action. The field is cleared when the [Unlock] action is invoked.

Once a page has been successfully published to the Production web server, the Locked Date/By fields are cleared.

Hide From Navigation?   If selected, selected checkmark the Nav Title is hidden in the left side navigation in a web browser.  This does not hide the page in the Content Navigation Pane.

Hide Left Side navigation? If selected,  selected checkmark the left side navigation will not appear on this page.  Visitors to the page will only be able to navigate to parent using the breadcrumb. This page will still display in the Content Navigation Pane.

Exclude from Search Engines?  If selected, selected checkmark, the content will not be found by search engines.

Production URLs

Prod URL: This field with be populated with the full content path including the HRU.

Prod GUID URL: This field will be populated with the full content path including the GUID.

WebTrends:  only populated on Theme page templates.