What We've Done

Since the seniors action plan was released in February 2012, significant progress has been made in many areas, both with commitments from the seniors action plan, as well as other innovative projects that have been completed or are in the midst of being implemented.

Most of the actions in the seniors action plan were completed in the first year. Some actions were completed in the second year of the plan, while others focusing on the modernization of B.C.’s home and community care system were intended to take longer and will continue as part of government’s refreshed health system strategy for British Columbia. The final report on the seniors action plan includes information on all 26 actions in the plan, as well as additional new or updated information up to April 2014.

April 2014 Report on Progress

The ministry is committed to building on the work completed in the seniors action plan to achieve long-term objectives of providing flexible services to seniors and modernizing B.C.’s home and community care system. This work will continue, in alignment with the ministry’s health system strategy and service plan, in addressing issues raised by the ombudsperson in her report on seniors’ care. Key priorities for government include establishing a provincial system of integrated and primary community care and ensuring the right combination of services is in place to meet the needs of frail seniors.

Completed Actions

Advance Care Planning

Accommodating Spouses in Assisted Living and Residential Care

After-Hours Palliative Tele-Nursing Support

BC Seniors' Guide

Best Practices

Better at Home

Care Information

Clinical Guidelines for Frail Seniors in Emergency Departments and Hospitals

Community Response Networks Expansion

Dementia Guidelines

Dementia Information

Elder Abuse Prevention

Home Health Care

Patient Care Quality

Physician Training in End of Life Care

Provincial Seniors’ Phone Line

Residential Care Facility Inspections

Residential Care Improvements

Safe Reporting

Seniors Advocate Consultations

SeniorsBC Website

Standardized Benefits and Protections

Other Achievements

The improvements we are making to services for seniors don’t stop with the commitments made in the action plan. To read about other projects that contribute to our goals of supporting seniors’ health, click here.