It is important that you and your family can easily access and understand all of the information you need to make informed choices about your care.


Advance Care Planning

Advance care planning information and tools to help you prepare for your future health care needs will be available online and through your local health authority by April 2012.


Enhancements to by September 2012 will provide you with easier access to information on home and community health care programs and other services.

Inspection Reports

Online access to detailed residential care facility inspection reports and assisted living residence investigation reports will be in place by September 2012 to help you and your family choose a care facility.

Care Information

More online information about your care and support options, how to access health care services, eligibility criteria for publicly subsidized services, wait times, urgency criteria, patient charges and hardship waivers by September 2012.

Dementia Information

Information provided in October 2012 to assist you and your family to understand and live with dementia, including support provided by the Alzheimer Society’s First Link program.

Seniors' Guide

Updated BC Seniors’ Guide will be published by December 2012.