Community Response Networks Expansion

Action Plan Commitment: Invest in the operation and expansion of Community Response Networks across the province over the next three years, which support coordinated local actions and work jointly with other organizations to prevent and respond to elder abuse and neglect.

What does it mean for me?

This initiative means there will be up to 100 Community Response Networks (CRNs) across the province. CRNs are funded through a $1.4 million investment from the Government of British Columbia, managed by the British Columbia Association of Community Response Networks, the umbrella organization that supports CRNs around the province to address the issues of abuse and neglect of adults. CRNs bring together everyone involved in responding to and preventing elder abuse such as police, health authorities, seniors’ organizations and the financial, legal and educational sectors. There are now 10 regional mentors and over 70 active CRNs with these numbers growing. The expansion of CRNs means there is greater collaboration and coordination amongst organizations involved in addressing elder abuse which enhances the quality of support available to seniors and their families at the local level. There is also increased information, awareness and educational activities with local stakeholders to address elder abuse.