Patient Care Quality

Action Plan Commitment: An independent review of the current patient care quality program to examine how your concerns and needs are being met and how you can best be served.

What does it mean for me?

The review found that the Patient Care Quality program is replicating leading practices in other statute-based healthcare complaints systems. However, opportunities for further program improvement were identified. The Ministry has developed a plan with 18 key projects which are designed to:

  • Increase awareness of the Patient Care Quality program as a single point of entry where people are invited to have their comments, concerns and complaints addressed.
  • Make certain seniors, their families and their care providers are aware that the Patient Care Quality Office is there to assist them resolve concerns that are in progress and to conduct reviews of concerns that have already occurred.  This includes services received in the hospital and the community, such as residential care, home support, assisted living, BC ambulance and mental health services.
  • Ensure that complaints are used to help make health care service better for others by informing local, regional and provincial health care service improvement initiatives.