Dementia Guidelines

Action Plan Commitment: Produce guidelines for dementia care to support caregivers and promote evidence based practice in all care settings by October 2012.

What does it mean for me?

Improved quality of care for persons with dementia is being supported through the development of best practice, non-pharmacological approaches that can be applied in all of British Columbia’s health care settings.  With a specific focus on the appropriate use of antipsychotic drugs in residential care settings, best practice guidelines applied with a practical, electronic decision support tool will assist in clinical assessments and care decisions of persons who may be experiencing behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia.  This approach reflects the important culture of evidence-based, person-centred care and decision making that involves physicians, nurses, pharmacists, caregivers, family members, care staff and persons in care.


Best practice information for physicians, health care providers and health care organizations caring for persons with Dementia:

Information on Dementia for patients, families and caregivers: