Best Practices

Action Plan Commitment: A review of existing best practices of seniors' care across Canada and in other jurisdictions to help us design a system of care that best serves your needs.

What does it mean for me?

An international forum held in Vancouver on Jan. 15, 2014 brought together government and health authority leaders, researchers and international experts to discuss best practices in home care for seniors. Key researchers from around the world met with B.C. leaders in one room, creating opportunities to learn from experts and share ideas on improving home-care support for seniors and their caregivers.

The international forum was hosted by the B.C. Ministry of Health in partnership with the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research in Vancouver. Some key objectives were:

  • To discuss the driving forces for reforms in home care for seniors and strategies currently underway.
  • To examine what changes are underway in how home care is organized, financed, provided, governed, regulated and assessed.
  • To look at the evidence that exists in other jurisdictions as a way of showing the effect of system-level policy changes to home care and to the outcomes for seniors and their caregivers.

A summary of the findings from the forum is available below. The information from the forum will contribute to the Ministry’s efforts to improve home and community care for seniors.