Home Health Care

Action Plan Commitment: Over the next two years, innovative approaches for home support services will be piloted in different communities across the province, providing greater choice and flexibility for you and your family

What does it mean for me?

Under Integrated Primary and Community Care (IPCC), health authorities are implementing enhanced home-based support programs to support seniors to remain in their own homes. One example is the Home is Best program, which will help seniors who are eligible for residential care services but prefer to remain at home. These approaches, which will vary in each health authority, will assist seniors to live safely at home and avoid future hospital emergency admissions. Under this program, which works with physicians/nurse practitioners and  specifically targets seniors waiting for a residential care bed, or residential care eligibility assessment, provides additional in-home care supports that are tailored to an individual’s needs.

Home is Best is being implemented in all five regional health authorities, working together with physicians and community services to ensure that all available supports are integrated into a care plan that meets the needs of seniors and their families and caregivers. Regional health authorities will receive up to $50 million annually over the next three years for targeted primary and community care programs to better support patients and their families. The community based programs will be tailored to local needs, with a focus on enhancing supports available for patients with complex chronic conditions, those with mental-health and substance-use challenges, and seniors with complex-care needs.