Flexible Services

It is important to have access to the majority of your care needs and support within your own community.


Non-medical Home Support

Invest, in partnership with the United Way of the Lower Mainland, in the expansion of non-medical home support services in up to 65 communities across the province over the next three years, to help you age in place.

End of Life Care

Strengthen family physicians and home health teams providing end of life care through training beginning in April 2012.

Palliative Support Line

Provide provincewide after hours palliative tele-nursing support to caregivers and families in your home as of April 2012.

Hospital Care

Establish clinical guidelines by June 2012 for frail seniors in emergency and hospitals to improve care outcomes and establish follow up care and supports for a successful return home.

Housing and Care

Establish policies to provide flexibility in accommodating spouses with different care needs within assisted living and residential care residences by September 2012.

Dementia Guidelines

Produce guidelines for dementia care to support caregivers and promote evidence based practice in all care settings by October 2012.

Home Health Care

Over the next two years, innovative approaches for home support services will be piloted in different communities across the province, providing greater choice and flexibility for you and your family.