Seniors Advocate Consultations

Action Plan Commitment: Consultation over the next four to six months will provide seniors, caregivers, service providers and other organizations with the opportunity to have direct input into the future role of a seniors advocate.

What does this mean for me?

In May to July 2012, the Seniors Action Plan Team consulted with seniors, families and other stakeholders around the province on what a new Office of the Seniors Advocate should do. The consultations are now complete.

There were 22 public and stakeholder meetings held in nine communities – including one in a residential care facility and one in a retirement community – with a total of over 500 participants.

Consultation locations, background materials and summaries of input are available on SeniorsBC.

All of the input collected about the role and function of the Seniors Advocate will help government to shape the future role of the Seniors Advocate.