Care Information

Action Plan Commitment: More online information about your care and support options, how to access health care services, eligibility criteria for publicly subsidized services, wait times, urgency criteria, patient charges and hardship waivers by September 2012.

What does it mean for me?

The Home and Community Care website now provides you with more useful information about home and community care services.  Content has been added to the website to support you in making informed decisions about your care, and includes topics such as eligibility criteria for publicly subsidized services, how to arrange for care, costs for services, detailed descriptions of each service type, accountability for health, safety and quality of care, as well as how to have concerns and complaints addressed. The website has also been redesigned so that navigating and finding information is made easier through access from the SeniorsBC home page. Content is organized by topics of interest to you and your family, presented in plain language and in a sequence that will help you navigate the services with useful hyperlinks to other resources. It enables you to access just what you need or go into greater depth on topics of particular interest.


For the full range of publicly subsidized home and community care services, visit: