It is important that our home and community care system is sustainable and continues to meet the needs of B.C. seniors. Over the next two years, the Ministry of Health will work with seniors, health authorities, and care providers to modernize and renew B.C.’s home and community care system.


Best Practices

A review of existing best practices of seniors' care across Canada and in other jurisdictions to help us design a system of care that best serves your needs.

Licensing Review

An independent review of the home and community care licensing and enforcement system for residential facilities to identify what changes are needed to ensure consistent standards of care are met across the province.

  • Underway

Abuse Prevention

Implementing the provincial elder abuse prevention, identification and response strategy.

  • Underway

Patient Care Quality

An independent review of the current patient care quality program to examine how your concerns and needs are being met and how you can best be served.

Reporting Concerns

Examining ways to improve the existing protections for patients and providers who report care concerns or complaints.