Sunshine Foragers

Sunshine Foragers Ltd. is known by wholesalers and retailers as a reliable and high-quality supplier of wild mushrooms, greens and berries.

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The company works with a network of foragers throughout North America, their own network of field buyers, and international suppliers to "bring nature to the market." Sunshine Foragers specialize in supplying dried morel mushrooms to customers across the globe, a variety they can also provide as a fresh product.

While supply is dependent on seasonal availability, the company’s additional wild-harvested products include: dried mushrooms, in varieties such as chanterelle, porcini, lobster and pine; fresh mushrooms available by pre-order, including chanterelle, porcini and pine varieties; a range of rare wild greens, including the ability to supply large orders of eastern fiddleheads; as well as various kinds of wild berries, sourced from across Western Canada. Product safety is ensured by field buyers that closely inspect all products. Sunshine Foragers participates in an educational program that teaches their harvesters to restrict products coming into contact with tobacco or insect repellent while being harvested. Mushrooms are dried on site and then packed in food safe bags.

Sunshine Foragers was established in 2009 on the Sunshine Coast. The principals of the business began as foragers themselves and still meet foragers in the woods every day to inspect their finds. Many of their harvesters come from B.C.’s First Nations, and the company works with First Nations to obtain permission to buy product in their traditional lands. Sunshine Foragers works with B.C. Parks to ensure their foragers respect restricted grounds and educate their harvesters on how to avoid habitat destruction.