A&P Fruit Growers

A&P Fruit Growers Ltd. (A&P) specialize in growing, harvesting, packaging and exporting delicious berries from the Fraser Valley.

A&P Fruit Growers image

The company supplies fresh, hand-picked berries for export, as well as various frozen berry products. Products offered include: fresh blueberries, with high concentrations of antioxidants, available in various packaging sizes; case frozen blueberries; blueberry juice concentrate; and rhubarb. A&P also supplies Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) seedless red raspberries and sieved red raspberries, frozen on the day they are picked. All blueberry and raspberry products are certified Kosher.

A&P takes food safety very seriously, using well-trained staff and food safety supervisors to ensure product safety, with pest control at their facility performed by a third party every week. IQF foods are checked for various bacteria, yeasts and molds, and chemical records are collected from growers. Quality is assured through a sophisticated trace and recall system, as well as through a quality assurance technician that is always supervising each and every aspect of quality and documenting it. Fruits are packed in food grade liners, bags, clamshells and cases that are bought from well reputed manufacturers.

Established in 1990 in Abbotsford, A&P is a family owned and operated business, led by founders that grew up in the berry farming industry. Unsatisfied with the packing and processing market in the 1980s, they founded A&P to take control over the distribution of their produce.