Greenhouse gas emissions data and inventories

B.C. publishes a provincial greenhouse gas emissions inventory annually. Other GHG inventories include those reported by industrial facilities, carbon neutral PSOs, local governments and community level data.

Provincial inventory

The British Columbia greenhouse gas emissions inventory lists province-wide greenhouse gas emissions and removals.

Industrial facility GHG emissions

Large industrial facilities are required to report their emissions annually to the province under the Greenhouse Gas Industrial Reporting and Control Act.

Community Energy and Emissions Inventory

The Community Energy and Emissions Inventory (CEEI) provides indicative GHG emissions at the community level.

Other B.C. reports and data sources

  • BC State of Environment Reporting (Sustainability) - Includes "Trends in Greenhouse Gas Emissions in B.C."
  • DataBC Catalogue – Open data catalogue with various sources, including climate change data
  • Progress to Targets – Information published by the province every two years to report on B.C.'s progress towards legislated targets
  • Green Economy – Information detailing climate action that is growing the economy in B.C., including clean tech, green jobs and sustainable resources
  • Carbon Neutral Action Report – Annual report through which provincial public sector organizations detail their yearly GHG emissions and their actions taken to reduce and offset them
  • CARIP Report – Local governments’ report on their yearly corporate GHG emissions. The sources captured in CARIP reports differ from the community emissions listed in CEEI reports