Industrial Facility Greenhouse Gas Emissions

B.C. requires industrial facilities that emit 10,000 tonnes or more of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per year and electricity import operations to report their emissions to government, as per the Greenhouse Gas Emission Reporting Regulation.

2016 Reporting Highlights

Data from 2016 shows the following:

  • Total industrial GHG emissions from reporting operations, excluding electricity import operations and  CO2 from biomass in Schedule C, were 18.6 million tonnes of CO2e (Mt CO2e), 3.9% lower than the 19.4 Mt CO2e reported in 2015.
  • 103 companies reported in 2016 for 125 reporting operations in B.C.

Consolidated B.C. Emissions Report Summaries

The report summaries for 2016 reflect reported data as of October 12, 2017.

The 2016 Industrial Emission Report Summaries are published in a different format than previous years to increase comparability with other jurisdictions.

A new format has been applied to all reports dating back to 2010 to facilitate direct comparisons between reporting years and promote the identification of trends. These report summaries also reflect updates in information provided by reporting operations, as well as updates to the 2014 Global Warming Potential (GWP) values.

  • 2016 (XLSX, 122 KB)

  • 2015 (XLSX, 457 KB)

  • 2014 (XLSX, 118 KB)

  • 2013 (XLSX, 114 KB)

  • 2012 (XLSX, 119 KB)

  • 2011 (XLSX, 126 KB)

  • 2010 (XLSX, 122 KB)