Climate action and accountability

B.C. is taking action to meet our climate goals, prepare for the impacts of climate change and transition to a net zero future. Learn more about our greenhouse gas emissions targets, the plans, strategies and goals that guide our work, and our progress to date.

People tree planting, cycling, recycling, driving electric cars and taking other climate-friendly actions.

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B.C.’s climate change targets

Using 2007 as the baseline, B.C. is committed to greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions of:

  • 16% by 2025
  • 40% by 2030
  • 60% by 2040
  • 80% by 2050

In March 2021, to help meet provincial greenhouse gas targets, the Province established new 2030 emission reduction targets for four sectors, with 2007 as a baseline:

  • Transportation, 27-32%
  • Industry, 38-43%
  • Oil and gas, 33-38%
  • Buildings and communities, 59-64%

Climate change strategies

CleanBC and Roadmap to 2030

CleanBC (PDF, 5.3MB) is the Province’s 2018 plan to meet our climate targets while building a clean, low-carbon economy. 

The CleanBC Roadmap to 2030 (PDF, 9.2MB) will help B.C. take the additional actions needed to reach our 2030 climate goals and put us on the path to net zero emissions by 2050.

Most emissions in B.C. come from industry, transportation or our buildings and communities, so CleanBC and Roadmap programs and policies focus on these sectors.

Learn more about CleanBC programs, policies and actions related to:

Draft Climate Adaptation and Preparedness Strategy

Climate change is already being felt across B.C. and will continue to impact the province in the years to come. The draft Climate Adaptation and Preparedness Strategy (CPAS) (PDF, 8.6MB) helps to protect ecosystems, lower long-term costs and keep people and communities safe from the effects of our changing climate.

Annual Climate Change Accountability Report

The B.C. government is required by law to submit a report to the legislature each year outlining progress on climate action. The most recent Climate Change Accountability Report includes information on B.C.’s progress and actions from 2020 to 2021.

Progress to targets

Learn more about B.C.’s most recent GHG emissions data, and what the Province’s emissions could look like in future years

Getting results

Learn more about recent actions to reduce emissions and strengthen the resilience of our communities, ecosystems and economy in the face of climate change