Climate Planning & Action

Responding to climate change in a timely way is critical. British Columbia has already achieved significant milestones and remains committed to transitioning to a clean economy while simultaneously preparing for climate impacts.

B.C.’s Climate Leadership Plan identifies actions across six provincial sectors. Further work is underway through the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change.

Today’s efforts build on the work we began in 2007 – when we legislated the province’s GHG reduction targets – and includes our 2008 Climate Action Plan, our introduction of North America’s first revenue-neutral carbon tax, and our achievement of a carbon neutral government.

We recognize that ongoing sustainability means balancing environmental concerns with social and economic issues. By integrating climate change considerations into decisions now, we can reduce future costs to society while building a clean economy.

Tracking B.C.’s Progress Toward the 2050 Target

B.C. is committed to reaching our 2050 target of reducing GHG emissions to 80 percent below 2007 levels. Doing so means continuing to review and update our plan to keep it relevant. It also means tracking our performance to date. We do this through Progress to Targets reports, required every two years under the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act.

In 2012, B.C. reached its first interim target, reducing emissions to six percent below 2007 levels. Since that time, emissions levels have remained relatively unchanged. Details on the most recent Progress to Targets are available in the Climate Leadership Plan.