Accountability Framework

Accountability measures throughout B.C.’s public post-secondary education system are developed and maintained in consultation with the institutions. Meetings are held three times a year to review and establish new measures as necessary.

The Accountability Framework serves the following purposes:

  • Ensuring students receive quality education and educational opportunities
  • Securing the public post-secondary system's role as an ongoing contributor to social and economic development

Standards & Reporting

An overview of the Accountability Framework, performance measures and responsibilities for reporting are outlined in the Standards Manual and Guidelines. This manual also:

  • Offers instructions for drafting Institutional Accountability Plans & Reports (IAPRs)
  • Outlines specifications for each performance measure and the data sources used
  • Enables public post-secondary institutions and the Ministry to understand their respective roles and responsibilities for data collection and reporting

Most recent performance measure / process changes are highlighted under “New and Noteworthy.”

System Results

Institutional Accountability Plans & Reports

Each year, public post-secondary institutions submit Institutional Accountability Plans and Reports to the Ministry in July. The reports include the institution’s goals, objectives and performance measure results along with contextual information to describe the institution's role in providing service to their students and communities.