EducationPlannerBC is a public service that improves access to post-secondary education in British Columbia.

It has resources for:

  • Students around the world
  • People who support students, like family members and high school counsellors
  • B.C. public post-secondary institutions


EducationPlannerBC has a mandate to:

  • Connect students to post-secondary opportunities and career destinations by improving post-secondary planning services
  • Establish and maintain a provincial application and data exchange hub to support the transition of students to B.C. post-secondary and to support the B.C. post-secondary system

Accountability and oversight

The provincial government works with the EducationPlannerBC Steering Committee to set a mandate and strategic priorities for EducationPlannerBC. The mandate and strategic priorities are defined in an annual accountability letter.

Read the 2020-21 Annual Accountability Letter (PDF, 264 kB)