Budget Letters for Post-secondary Institutions

Funding for Institutions

Every year, institutions receive base funding from the provincial government. Institutions also generate revenue from tuition, ancillary services, federal grants, donations, endowments, investments and research grants.

Below is an overview of provincial government funding:

Operating grant (base funding)

2019/20 operating grant information is provided in Attachment 1 of each institution's 2019/20 Budget Letter (below).

Information on operating grants for prior years is available via DataBC.


Funding for research is allocated through the British Columbia Knowledge Development Fund

Capital funding

Institutions also receive funding for new capital projects or maintenance of physical infrastructure. It may also be applied to projects that address campus safety / security, access for those with disabilities, site works or reduction of greenhouse emissions.

Other funding

Other provincial ministries and the Industry Training Authority (ITA) may contribute funding to programs or projects undertaken by provincial public post secondary institutions. This is usually one-time funding and represents a small proportion of an institution’s overall revenue. An exception is the Justice Institute of B.C. – it receives annual contributions from other ministries for training related to corrections, police, and fire fighting.

Budget Letters

Each year, an annual budget letter is sent to institutions and contains information about their operating grant and student full-time equivalent (FTE) target for the current fiscal year.

2019/2020 Budget Letters