Responsibilities Under the Policy

What's the BC Public Service Agency's role?

The Agency's role is to support ministries in the implementation of the policy and to respond to any ongoing questions or issues.

How are security screening requirements determined?

A Position Screening Designation form ensures consistent implementation of the security screening policy. The Position Screening Designation form contains a step-by-step process for confirming security screening requirements. The form must be completed for any new positions and for any existing positions at the time there's a hiring action if a form isn't already on file with the BCPSA.

All approved designations are identified in PeopleSoft.

What are the criteria for designating a position as requiring a security screening check?

The Deputy Minister must approve all designated positions. Positions that have responsibilities that include one or more of the criteria specified in the Security Screening Policy (HR Policy 14) (PDF, 210KB) must be subject to a security screening check. There must be a defensible bona fide occupational requirement for a security screening check.

For more information on the specific criteria used for designating positions, refer to the Security Screening Policy and the Position Screening Designation form.

What's a bona fide occupational requirement for a position?

In employment law, a bona fide occupational requirement is a quality or an attribute that employers are allowed to consider when making decisions on the hiring and retention of employees—qualities that, when considered in other contexts, would be considered discriminatory.

To be a bona fide occupational requirement, the hiring manager must consider the following questions: 

  • Is there a rational connection between what may be indicated by a record and the duties involved in the position?
  • Is the determination that a position requires candidates to undergo a criminal records check an honest and good faith belief?
  • Is the requirement reasonable and necessary? Is it defensibly made to address a realistic organizational requirement? Are there alternatives that may be less intrusive?
  • Are all other measures being employed to ensure that the candidate is appropriate for the position and accurately reported their training and abilities (for example, reference checks, credential verification, candidate testing)? 

What's considered a primary function for a position for purposes of determining if a security screening check is required?

A primary function is a responsibility or activity that would occur during the normal course of a person performing his or her duties. It's not a function of how much time is spent on any given activity.