Enhanced Security Screening

What's an enhanced security screening? 

It's any security check in addition to a criminal record check. These additional checks may include fingerprinting, professional/educational verification checks, credit/financial checks, and background investigations.  

How do I initiate enhanced security screening? 

A business case must be developed for all current and planned positions with enhanced security screening measures. The business case must be reviewed and endorsed by the head of the BC Public Service Agency, the Assistant Deputy Minister of Employee Relations, the BC Public Service Agency, and the Assistant Deputy Minister responsible for security programs (Ministry of Justice). The business case is then submitted for approval by the Deputy Ministers' Committee on the Public Service to ensure corporate consistency.

We already do enhanced security screening, do we need to stop any hiring action?

No. Hiring actions don't need to stop, but the business case for enhanced security screening approval should be submitted as soon as possible. Refer to the previous question for information on initiating a business case.