Steps in the Hiring Process

Follow these steps to get a position posted, select a candidate, confirm the offer, and get your new employee set up.

Due to the updated Management Classification and Compensation Framework (MCCF), Classification Services is experiencing temporary delays in turnaround times. If your inquiry or request is relating to hiring, please consider our repository of preapproved profiles in the Job Store.Restricted Access  

For details on staffing approvals, please read about the hiring approval process.

Step 1: The best staffing option considers both the current and future business needs of your organization. Choose options that save time and resources in the long run and ensure availability of staff for now and the future. See Choose Your Hiring Options.

Step 2: Whether you'll post the position on the BC Public Service job postings site or not, your first step is to make sure the job profile or job description is accurate and updated. See Define Your Selection Criteria.

Step 3: Follow these simple instructions and get your job posted on the BC Public Service Job Postings site: Post the Job.

Step 4: Hiring managers are responsible for documenting their entire hiring process. See Hiring Documentation.

Step 5: Find resources to help you conduct interviews and evaluate candidates. See Assessment and Selection.

Step 6: Once you've decided who to hire, you need information on the offer letters, regrets, staffing reviews, providing feedback, security screening, and confirming the job offer. See Extend the Offer.

Step 7: Find out about the Oath of Employment, probation, and how to prepare for your new employee’s first day and week on the job. See Set Up Your New Employee.

Step 8: It's time to welcome your new employee. Find orientation tips at Welcome Your New Employee.