Positions Requiring Checks

Do managers have to conduct a security screening check for all staff already working in positions designated for checks?

No. This policy applies only to new hires or current employees who are changing positions.

Why do individual positions need to be designated? For example, why can't hiring managers designate that all staff in a particular work unit require a security screening check?

The requirement for a security screening check must be relevant to the requirements of a position. Designating entire groups of employees and classes of positions may lead to a greater number of unnecessary checks and is only appropriate in some organizations. Remember, there has to be a strong rationale for conducting the checks related to the duties and responsibilities of the position.  

The Security Screening Policy applies to new employees and employees changing positions. Is this the same for the Criminal Records Review Act?

No, it's not the same for the Criminal Records Review Act (CRRA). The CRRA does apply to current employees. The Act and Regulations specify that all employees who work with children and vulnerable adults must have a check completed. The CRRA also requires a recheck every five years.