Security Screening FAQs

Has the policy changed?

Yes. The BC Public Service Security Screening Policy has been updated in response to recommendations from B.C.'s Information and Privacy Commissioner to improve government's security screening practices. The policy is updated as needed to reflect the government's commitment to both personal privacy and public trust in public service employees.  

To whom does this policy apply?

This policy applies to new hires or current employees who are changing positions in the BC Public Service (designated as requiring a criminal record check and appointed under the Public Service Act).

What does "changing positions" mean?

Examples of changing positions include:

  • New appointments (current employees who are successful in a job competition)
  • Auxiliary employees moving to regular positions
  • Temporary assignments
  • Acting assignments and substitutions
  • Transfers (including lateral transfers)
  • Secondments
  • Employees moving to Order in Council positions
  • Rehired employees including returning retirees 

Is a criminal record check required if a position is filled on a short term basis due to illness or vacation coverage?

A criminal record check isn't required for coverage of short-term absences (for example, four to six weeks) provided the employee filling the position has completed a criminal record check.

If an employee has had a criminal record check and moves to another designated position, does the employee need to get another criminal record check?

If the employee has completed a criminal record check and the duties and risk factors of the new position are substantially similar to the previous position, then a new criminal record check isn't required.

How are employees in auxiliary positions covered by this policy?

If an auxiliary employee with service seniority has previously passed a criminal record check and is being recalled, converted, or hired through competition into exactly the same job, then another criminal record check isn't required. If an auxiliary employee has never had a criminal record check, has lost their service seniority, or is being recalled into a different job, then a criminal record check is required.

Is the policy the same for Bargaining Unit employees and excluded employees?

Yes. The same policy and procedure exists for both groups of employees.