About Security Screening

What's the source of the information in a security screening check?

The information source for a security screening check is the Canadian Police Information Centre database. Other records, such as provincial court records, provincial administrative records, and other law enforcement databases, may also be accessed. 

What types of security screening checks does the BC Public Service use? 

The BC Public Service uses three different types of security screening to assess suitability for some government positions: 

  • A BC Public Service Criminal Record Check is required for designated positions. It's unique to the BC Public Service and is described in the Security Screening Policy.
  • A Criminal Records Review Act Check is required for any applicant or current employee who works with children under 19 years of age or works with vulnerable adults as defined under the Act. This criminal records check isn't unique for public service employees, but applies to everyone in British Columbia working with youth and children or vulnerable adults. There are separate forms and procedures for this type of criminal record check.
  • Enhanced Security Screening is any security check in addition to a criminal record check. These additional checks may include fingerprinting, professional/educational verification checks, credit/financial checks, and background investigations.

Who decides if a particular criminal offence or administrative penalty is relevant to the requirements of a position?

The Personnel Security Screening Office of the Ministry of Justice will make the determination whether or not an applicant's record is relevant to the position and notify the hiring manager.

What information resulting from the security screening check will be made available to the hiring manager? 

The hiring manager will get results indicating "no risk" (a job offer can be made) or "risk to employment" (job offer can't be made). No information about the record will be provided to protect the applicant's personal information.

Who notifies an applicant that they aren't eligible for a position based on their security screening results? 

The hiring manager will provide a letter to the applicant informing them that:

  • They won't be hired based on the criminal record check results;
  • If they wish for further information/reasons on the decision, they should contact the Personnel Security Screening Office of the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General;
  • They have the option to request a review of the decision by the Deputy Minister. This option must be requested within seven days after receiving the notification.

If someone applies for a position with the BC Public Service and doesn't get the job based on the result of a security screening check, who should they contact? 

If an applicant believes they may have been wrongfully denied a position based on the results of a criminal record check, that person can request (in writing) a review of the decision to the Deputy Minister or other senior official of the ministry or organization within seven days of being notified of the decision to not appoint.

What positions require rechecks every five years? 

Positions requiring enhanced security screening or a Criminal Records Review Act check require a recheck every five years.