Gambling industry registration and certification

Gambling industry workers, service providers, and supplies must be registered or certified by the Province of B.C. This helps to ensure the integrity and safety of gambling in the province.

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Who and What Needs to be Registered or Certified?

If you or your company work in or participate in the gambling industry in B.C., registration is required. Gambling supplies must be certified. People or companies involved in charitable gambling for fundraising purposes may also need to be registered in B.C.

Below are some examples of people, companies, and supplies that need to be registered or certified. This is not a complete list. If you're not sure if you or your company needs to be registered, contact us with your gambling registration questions. See Questions & Contact Information.

Gambling Workers

  • Casino, bingo, and community gambling centre workers (dealers, cashiers, food and beverage workers, janitors, and more)
  • Horse racing workers
  • Some gambling event licence ticket raffle or bingo workers
  • British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) contractors

Gambling Services Providers

  • Casino, bingo, and community gambling centre services providers
  • Horse racing operators and horse racing teletheatre operators
  • Gambling suppliers, manufacturers, or distributors
  • Other gambling related suppliers or services, including gambling management services, concessionaires, games operators, security, surveillance, ticket rafflers and call centres, social occasion casino operators, game test labs, providers of training of gambling workers, and automated banking services providers
  • Companies that are associates of a gambling services provider (parent, shareholder, investor, lender, subsidiary, etc.)

Lottery Retailers

  • Lottery retail contract managers

Gambling Supplies

  • Slot machines
  • Electronic bingo systems
  • Scratch and win tickets
  • Pull tab tickets
  • Internet gambling systems
  • Computerized raffle systems

Working in or Participating in the Gambling Industry in B.C.

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