Gambling Enforcement & Investigations

Gambling enforcement activities are essential to maintaining the integrity of gambling in B.C. This includes identification, investigation, and enforcement activities related to wrongdoing in gambling.

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Government works with law enforcement to identify, investigate, and deter gambling wrongdoing in B.C.

Deterring money laundering, theft, and fraud; preventing minors from gambling; and applying sanctions and penalties to gambling industry registrants are a few main areas of focus for B.C. gambling enforcement. Enforcement activities are carried out under the authority of the provincial Gaming Control Act and Gaming Control Regulation and Canada's Criminal Code (see Part VII).

Reporting Gambling Wrongdoing

Information about reporting wrongdoing is available at Reporting Gambling Wrongdoing. This includes reporting information for members of the public as well as more formal reporting procedures for gambling event licensees, gaming grant recipients, and gambling industry registrants (casinos, community gambling centres, etc.).