Gambling Registration and Certification Documents & Forms

B.C. gambling registration documents and forms including: application forms for gambling workers, gambling services providers, lottery retail contract managers; application fees; technical standards; and more.

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Registration Forms

Forms for applying for registration, requesting replacement ID tags, and more.

Gambling Workers

Gambling Services Providers

Lottery Retail Contract Managers

Horse Racing Workers

Technical Standards for Gambling Supplies

Technical Gaming Standards (TGS) for electronic gambling, non-electronic gambling and certifying the integrity of gambling supplies. These standards are available in the following documents:

Registration Fees

Current gambling registration fees.

Letters to Gambling Services Providers

Additional information (additional requirements, changes to requirements, etc.) is sometimes communicated to gambling services providers in letters.

Audit Information

This document provides information about what to expect during an audit of a commercial gambling facility or a corporate audit of a service provider or BCLC.

Administration Sanctions for Registered Gaming Workers

This document provides information about sanctions and penalties that may be placed on gaming workers.