Articling Rotation Information

Articled students rotate through a number of different legal practice groups within Legal Services Branch (LSB). Each rotation is between four and twelve weeks and articled students can determine which rotations they would like to make up their articled year, with the assistance of the Chair of the Articled Student Committee, the Manager of Articling, and their Principal.

In addition to the legal practice groups set out below, articled students have the opportunity to rotate through a private bar rotation to gain experience in a different legal setting and to gain expertise in those few areas that LSB does not practice, such as wills and estates. Salary and benefits of the articled student are paid by LSB, making these rotations attractive to the private bar.

Articled students may also have the opportunity to rotate through a Regional Crown Counsel office to gain experience with the Criminal Justice Branch of the Attorney General’s office.

Legal practice groups are separated into Barrister Rotations, Solicitor Rotations, and Mixed Barrister & Solicitor Rotations:

Barrister Rotations

  • Litigation Group
  • Director’s Counsel (Child Protection)
  • BC Prosecution Service (Regional and CASP Rotations)

Solicitor Rotations

  • Office of the Assistant Deputy Attorney General
  • Transportation, Lands, Resources and Environment Units
  • Central Services Group
  • Office of Legislative Counsel
  • Justice Services Branch

Mixed Barrister and Solicitor Rotations

  • Indigenous Legal Relations
  • Justice, Health and Revenue Group
  • Vancouver Group