Mixed Barrister and Solicitor Rotations

Indigenous Legal Relations

Indigenous Legal Relations provides support and litigation on aboriginal cases involving the government and provides solicitor advice to various ministries on aboriginal law issues.

The litigation section:

  • Appears on behalf of government in Provincial and Federal Courts on all aboriginal law matters;
  • Conducts significant aboriginal rights and title litigation;
  • Appears on judicial review applications involving aboriginal rights and title issues;
  • Advises and assists Crown counsel on criminal law matters involving aboriginal rights or title claims; and
  • Provides research assistance and reports to all government Ministries and Crown counsel regarding aboriginal rights and title claims.

The solicitor section provides legal assistance to:

  • Provincial teams negotiating treaties with aboriginal groups;
  • Line ministries with regard to their legal obligations pursuant to Delgamuukw, Haida and other court decisions;
  • Senior officials and ministers of government regarding government policy on aboriginal matters;
  • Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation on specific and cut-off claims matters;
  • Line ministries regarding interim measures agreements and other memoranda of understanding;
  • Barristers involved in litigating aboriginal issues; and
  • All ministries of government by providing legal opinions on all aspects of aboriginal law.

Justice, Health and Revenue Group

The Justice, Health and Revenue (JHR) Group provides legal advice to the justice, health, social services and education sectors, on revenue and taxation matters, and local government. Students in these rotations can expect a broad range of solicitor and barrister experience, as well as the opportunity to provide opinions interpreting legislation and assessing the authority for government programs and actions, to meet with clients, and to provide assistance to government decision makers. JHR provides legal opinions and advice in a wide range of areas of the law, including contracts, statutory interpretation, administrative law (including administrative hearings and judicial reviews), specialized litigation, intellectual property, and privacy.

Students may choose either or both of a barrister and solicitor rotation (if choosing both rotations, the rotations do not need to be sequential). The main practice areas are described below.

Justice Sector:

  • Provides advice to the Ministry of Attorney General and the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General;
  • Includes government regulatory programs (liquor licensing, film classification, consumer services, motor vehicle regulation, etc.);
  • The group also provides advice on the justice system including youth and adult corrections, court services, police services and crime victims’ compensation;
  • Health and Social Services;
  • Health care cost recovery, recovery of proscribed Medical Service Plan claims (alleged mis-billings);
  • Regulatory initiatives involving the health and social services sectors;
  • Issues involving child protection, policy, legislation and complex case files;
  • Hague Convention and Civil aspects of International Child Abduction and the administration of social assistance;
  • Legal issues respecting end of life (including medical assistance in dying), administration of the Medical Services Plan (physician compensation and medical audit) and public health (e.g., opioid overdose emergency);
  • Developing new ways to involve Indigenous communities in the protection and care of their children;
  • Initiatives under the poverty reduction strategy; and
  • Conducting the Province’s lawsuits against tobacco and opioid-drug companies along with other class actions and individual claims to recover health care costs.


  • Provides advice to the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Advanced Education.

Revenue and Taxation:

  • Provides advice on local government issues, charitable trusts, taxation and insolvency. Most of this work relates to taxation or insolvency; and
  • In these areas, the group both provides solicitor advice and acts as counsel in litigation matters. Students will gain exposure to taxation and insolvency issues, both from a solicitor’s and a barrister’s perspective.

Vancouver Group:

The responsibilities of lawyers in the Vancouver Group include:

  • Advising the Superintendent of Financial Institutions, which regulates trust and insurance companies and credit unions;
  • Advising the Superintendent of Real Estate and participating in hearings regarding suspensions pursuant to real estate legislation;
  • Advising the Registrar of Mortgage Brokers and participating in hearings under mortgage broker legislation;
  • Advising the Superintendent of Pensions;
  • Advising the Registrar of Companies and Personal Property Registries;
  • Advising the Liquor Distribution Branch;
  • Advising the Employment Standards Branch, appearing before the Employment Standards Tribunal and participating in court hearings on judicial review and insolvency matters;
  • Advising the government with respect to employment law issues in respect of its employees who are not represented by a union, and with respect to labour relations law issues involving employees who are in a bargaining unit and represented by a union;
  • Advising the government with respect to the terms and conditions that may apply to government appointments;
  • Advising the government on the question of whether a person falls within a bargaining unit, the jurisdiction between bargaining units, and the provisions of the Labour Relations Code;
  • Advising the government in workers’ compensation matters;
  • Participating in hearings before the Human Rights Tribunal;
  • Advising the Victims Services Division, including the Crime Victims Assistance Program;
  • Participating in government collections files;
  • Advising the government with respect to aboriginal issues, including participation in treaty negotiations; and
  • Advising the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure on initiatives including public private partnerships.