Hiring and Retention of Articled Students

How many students do you hire?

Typically, we hire seven or eight students each year for our articled program, and two students per year for our summer articled program.

Summer student retention rates

We are committed to our students. We understand that the summer between your second and third years of law school is that of learning and we strive to continue that learning during your articles. Summer positions are therefore tied to articled student positions. Our summer students also return to article with us (subject to satisfactory performance during the summer articles).

Articled Program retention rates

Consistent with our desire to hire future colleagues, it is our goal to retain articled students within the Legal Services Branch (LSB) whenever possible. Knowing that the majority of our students are hired into the various legal practice groups in LSB at the end of their articles assists in making the articled student experience as collegial and collaborative as possible.

Rather than students being hired back in a general role after the completion of articles, they are hired back into the various legal practice groups that work within LSB. The students compete for these positions (along with any other candidates who apply) when they become available towards the end of their articles. The Articled Student Committee works with each student to help them through the application and interview process, as well as to identify the areas of law that they may be interested in practicing in.