Characteristics Looked for in Articling Students

In addition to legal excellence, we are looking for a variety of characteristics that help define a successful student:

Communication – Our role is to provide clear and concise legal advice to our clients, and to effectively present government’s interpretation of the law and facts to a court or tribunal. This requires effective oral, written and interpersonal communication. We value excellent communication skills, demonstrated in a variety of contexts.

Decisive thinking – Legal Services Branch (LSB) counsel are called upon daily to make decisions and provide immediate advice about issues of significance to Ministry clients and to government generally. Successful students will demonstrate the ability to make decisive, legally supported decisions in a timely manner, earning the trust of their clients and colleagues.

Balancing competing tasks – The practice of law is demanding and requires balancing competing and sometimes conflicting priorities. Successful students find solutions in the most difficult circumstances.

Ethical judgment – It is the duty of the Attorney General to ensure the public administration is conducted in accordance with the law. Successful students will demonstrate excellent judgment, professionalism, interpersonal skills and character.

Teamwork and collaboration – We firmly believe that the best provision of legal service comes as a result of effective teamwork. Students who can demonstrate that they are skilled at both leading teams and being a contributing team member are successful in their articles.