Continuing Legal Education

Last updated on January 7, 2019

Recognizing that articled students and summer students are at the outset of their careers, the Articled Student Committee develops and implements a continuing legal education (CLE) program designed specifically for students and lawyers at the beginning of their careers. The dual purposes of this program are to familiarize students with concepts and area of law that they will encounter during their practice and to introduce them to subject-matter experts that are available to discuss legal problems when students encounter them in practice.

Some of the previous continuing legal education sessions included:

  • Crown Liability in Practice
  • Principles of Statutory Interpretation
  • How to Survive and Thrive in Your Year of Articles
  • Administrative Law: A Barrister’s and Solicitor’s Primer
  • Ethical Practice
  • Current Trends in Indigenous Law
  • How to Work Effectively with Your Staff
  • FOIPPA, and What it Means for Lawyers
  • Privilege Primer
  • Frequently Used Statues
  • Your First Day in Court
  • Client Management and Client Relations
  • Transitioning From a Student to a Lawyer