Accessing the Data Innovation Program

The Data Innovation Program offers two options to request and access data. Below are the common requirements for and instructions on how to access each pathway.

Last updated: February 9th, 2022

Access requirements

All approved Project Team Members listed on the Data Access Request form must complete the following requirements prior to gaining access to the data:

  • Sign an engagement agreement
  • Complete the oath of secrecy
  • Successfully complete the Data Innovation Program's privacy training

Applying to the program

Follow these steps to apply for the Data Innovation Program:

  1. To determine your eligibility, visit the B.C. Government Access page or the Academic Access page. 
  2. Contact the Data Innovation Program to discuss your project. This conversation can surface needs that are unique to your project and ultimately save your project time in the application process.
  3. Visit our partner Population Data BC (PopData)'s website to register for and access your PopData account. If you already have a PopData account, skip this step. 
  4. Once you have your PopData account, begin your Data Access Request.
    The Project Main Contact is responsible for completing and submitting the Data Access Request, and can select Project Team Members to assist in its preparation.

To contact the Data Innovation Program team, please open a ticket here.