Community Corrections Division

The Community Corrections Division supervises individuals serving sentences in the community. Our staff are motivated and resilient in their efforts to lead change with their clients every day.

Probation officers at 56 Community Corrections offices across B.C. seek better outcomes for everyone, by ensuring individuals are following their court orders and working closely with them to connect them with supports in the community, change their behaviour and reduce reoffending.

Our probation officers use case management strategies and interventions that have been proven through research to reduce reoffending. They lead by example, use communication skills, problem-solving strategies and risk assessment techniques, such as Strategic Community Supervision, to help individuals learn better ways of responding to the world around them.

The strategies a probation officer might use include:

  • Balancing supervising and enforcing court orders with helping individuals to make positive changes in their lives.
  • Applying the appropriate level of intervention and programming to individuals based on their assessed risk to reoffend.
  • Identifying needs that must be addressed to reduce reoffending.
  • Matching individuals with interventions that work with their personal characteristics and learning styles.