Sentence of Less than Two Years

If you have been given a sentence of less than two years, you will be held in a provincial correctional centre. These centres are also used for temporary placements for offenders waiting to be moved to a federal correctional centre, people held in custody on immigration matters and for accused waiting for trial.

B.C. has nine adult provincial correctional centres with varying levels of security and control. These centres are operated by the Corrections Branch, Adult Custody Division. The division ensures offenders are treated fairly and live in a safe and secure environment while in custody.

Your sentence might also include an order that you be on probation after you complete your jail sentence.

Intermittent Sentence

When you receive a sentence of 90 days or less, you may be ordered to serve an intermittent sentence. This means you do not serve all the days of your sentence at once. Generally, you will spend your weekends in jail, usually in a provincial correctional centre. When you are in the community, you will be on probation. You will be required to follow all the conditions of your probation order. These types of sentences are typically ordered to allow you to keep your job.

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